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Gift #1: Gonna hav a note of telling her how much she means to me and how I wish our twin bond with be infinite.

Jenny: This is interesting envelope package because it's heart shape normally the envelope it's rectangle or square shape . The good thing is the heart shape also can be a rectangle shape. but when you open it . It is a heart.

Create reading space within your home library

This is the perfect place to put a pull out bed! I always look at those beds and thing they're impractical because it's too hard to leave all of the open floorspace needed for one but I'd happily do it for this library/reading space.

The Reading Nook

Office Workspace Advanced Bookshelf With Brick Expose Wall For Home Library Design Marvelous Home Libraries Design

67 Inspirational And Motivational Quotes You're Going To Love

Famous Intelligence Quotes - Inspirational Quotes On Intelligence, Remember that my L♡VE.

The marinade for this Greek Chicken Gyros recipe is so good, I use it even when I'm not making gyros! This is super fast and easy too.

”Greek Chicken Gyros Made By ❤️ . INGREDIENTS 2 lb / 1 kg breast fillets, cut into strips Marinade: 3 garlic cloves, minced 3 tsp…”

Book-Lovers Will Go Mad For These Enchanting Bedroom Libraries

Porn for book lovers. Bookshelf Porn celebrates our love of books, libraries, bookstores and bookcases by showcasing the best bookshelf photos from around the world. For people that ❤ bookshelves.