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Matthias Kullmann
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The Dragon by on @deviantART

The Chinese dragon is a creature that was known to assist the gods and escort wandering souls. They were considered wise and most in the community revered them.

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Plaits I searched on trend plaits for inspiration for a modern twist n the traditional jack sparrow plaits. I really like the buns incorporated with the plaits.

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Rather than quickly going out of fashion, the drift for man bun just keeps on developing. The samurai bun, men top knots, and an undercut man bun combo!

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Mark Brooks Monsters and Dames Emerald City Con Con 2015 Cover Geisha Girl Dragon, in Tatiana Dykes& **Mark Brooks Comic Art Gallery Room

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Awesome Dragon Tattoo is one of the most popular among both men and women. The dragon tattoo may change its value depending on the posture and color.