This has to be one of the coolest gadgets and best gifts for men of all time. The Crawling Zombie Door Stop is just what a man needs for his office, garage, or man cave. The bloody torn body which stops your door dead in


The Wizard of Oz Red Ruby Slippers Doorstop - Wicked Witch of the East - Door Stops

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Karen, for wedding favours you could do lavender sachets (in lavender fabric)... printed with your names!  I'm sure you could get them done somewhere but they wouldn't be too hard to DIY unless you had to make 200 of them...

Lavender Sachet

CRAFT: These sachets can be filled with lavender, cedar chips, pine needles, mint, lemon balm or all kinds of aromatic herbs. Lavender and cedar work to ward off bugs.

Lightsaber Freezer Pop Cozy 2 pack by HandcraftingHarmony on Etsy, $3.00

Lightsaber Freezer Pop Cozy 2 pack

LIGHT SAVORSDefinitely know what I'm making my nephew for his birthday! Light Saber popsicle holders made from felt. No tutorial, just cut & paste felt shapes onto felt. I'm sure you could sew the holder around one edge.

Ditch The Cardboard: Make Your Own Cup Koozies & Coffee Sleeves

Ditch The Cardboard: Make Your Own Cup Koozies & Coffee Sleeves

Felt Coffee Cozies - the purl bee These are so easy and so practical! I can imagine personalizing these with some hand stitches or a bit of bedazzling. Also, an idea for a fun birthday party craft or a class project?