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Kiana Kerr

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Kiana Kerr
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Lily gave him a fish when she was his student. Then bowl became empty after Lily died.

Wizards are useless

Just imagine the death eaters getting in the car and Voldemort's like FALLOW THEM! In the front seat and face palms when no one knows how to turn the car on.

THAT IS SOME PRETTY BIG DARN SCHOOL IF YOU DIDN'T NOTICE HIM STROLLING AROUND. <-- someone's gotta say it: His father will hear about this!

Ohhh my god how could you not know that you went to school with FREAKING TOM FELTON? What did you just happen to forget that you went to school with the guy who played Draco FRICKING Malfoy or.

Hahaha oh my gosh!!!

It sets the mood. Though it might look suspicious, fifty students all meeting in the same girls' bathroom, and moaning myrtle could tell someone. Also the room magically supplies itself with the stuff they need.

Except only the very privileged feel entitled to sit the way they do at home in public, shared spaces at the expense of other people! Also, your balls don't require what is referred to as manspreading. Not unless they're the size of bowling balls. They aren't. If they were the condition would be visible. In which case, feel free to carry on as you travel to your doctor. Otherwise, assume your fellow passengers want more space & just keep yourself in your own damn seat.

Funny pictures about Spread Legs Dilemma. Oh, and cool pics about Spread Legs Dilemma. Also, Spread Legs Dilemma photos.

Yeah, nothing interesting has to happen, I just want to go.

Everyday of my life, all the time. <--- Same here, except that I'd like to be the professor teaching Muggle Studies. Suddenly students are skateboarding to classes and Indoor Quidditch has been invented by using parkour skills instead of brooms.

Can Pixar go any farther?

Funny pictures about Pixar Movie Ideas Through Time. Oh, and cool pics about Pixar Movie Ideas Through Time. Also, Pixar Movie Ideas Through Time photos.