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Drop 1 Pound by Next Week With This Plan



I used to think I could never run! I am over 40, have had 2 kids, have a really bad back, and horrible joints. My sister inspired me because she started running 5 years ago and looks amazing. I ran through the pain and started at my own pace. I am up to 12 miles a week and climbing. ANYONE can do it!! Just take your time an believe in yourself!


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from Women's Health

Crescent Lunge and Row

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Exercises to TIGHTEN SKIN after weight loss or pregnancy (not build muscle)- do each exercise SLOWLY 10 times per day ---Neck/Chin (look at ceiling, open close mouth slowly), Arm (slow overhead reach w 5lbs), Abs (slow crunches), Thigh (slow side lying leg raise think fancy dog in oliver)

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