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30 day workout

story-of-a-modern-child: 30 day crunch challenge: day 15 - 95 crunches - done. 30 day squat challenge: day 10 - 105 - done. 30 day plank challenge: day 2 - - done only just did them. Wasn’t feeling it this morning.

July Fitness Challenge

Brazen fit 24 day ab challenge - the fact that you saw this means that you should do this! Come on! It's just 24 days! You have time to give the necessary minutes every day for this. Remember YOU ARE MEANT TO SEE THIS AND DO THIS!

Fitness challenge

day 11 - 10 april 2012 25 palm in shoulder press 25 hammer curls 20 (each side) dumbbell side bends 25 dead lifts 25 toe raisers 25 dumbbell squats

Fitness challenge

Gwen Ro (Bootcamp Aerobics): Do you think you have what it takes to go the distance? Try my Fitnes Challenge" ! Maybe with the burpees!

Fitness challenge

Posted by Brittany Caudill 30 Day Abs and Squat Challenge 30 Day Fitness Challenges Weight loss brand November 12 2015 at

30 Day Abs Fitness Challenge

Get your body in shape and tone up your abs and stomach area with this great 30 day ab challenge workout. With only 4 different exercises .