Christy Schafer

Christy Schafer

Christy Schafer
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I want your  hairstyle

I really like some of the EMO hair styles and make up but, I don't like lip piercings. This girl is very pretty but, with the lip piercing she looks like she should be hung on hooks somewhere like in the movie "A Man Called Horse".

I want your hair

I wish I had the courage to do this. Besides my mom would kill me because she thinks emo/scene/goth people are horrible. She doesn't know that I'm the same way as emo/goth/scene people :'( -Grace M Misfit

I love your hair  and i watch every  video you have

wanna give your hair a new look ? Emo hairstyle is a good choice for you. Here you will find some super sexy Emo hairstyle, Find the best one for you,

Your are so pretty and love your hair i want it so bad

Description Colored hair and other amazing hairstyles and things i like.