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Funny Classical Music

Funny Classical Music

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Hope your Valentine's Day was all you wanted it to be.

Dealing with dramatic teenage cellists. | 25 Problems Only People Who Have Played In A School Orchestra Will Understand

Ahh.. Music humour.

This amuses me far more than I’m willing to admit.

Bringing Sexy Bach. #Bachstock #JustinTimberlake #Bach #WQXR #Bachpun

#Bachstock #Bach #Woodstock #WQXR

Bach to the Future. #Bachstock #McFly #Bach #WQXR #Bachpun

young musician

chuck norris and french horn jokes. what's not to love!

Classical music joke - even if many non-Classical artists are also dead *shot*

Music Teachers - Timeline Photos | Facebook

Wow wat

The joke of the day!

Weird laws: In Utah, no one may walk down the street carrying a paper bag containing a violin.

Got me there.

this is awesome!

Music Tempos graphic

What in the name of all is Holy does he have in there?? A small child? A loaf of bread? A puppy??

Just Can't Believe He is Still Single
  • River Crruz
    River Crruz


Dinner with Lang-Lang!

orchestra problems .

Oh my goodness.

Christmas gift for the classical music beginner. '100 Kickass Classical Pieces.' iTunes:

This joke again.

  • Ankita Bhatia.
    Ankita Bhatia.

    Treble clef. xD Ayush Bhatia hahahahha xD

What Christmas gift should you give your favorite composer?

Protect yourself from the flute. Get your flute vaccine.

Opera Cat