{DIY "bubble" chandelier made from clear Christmas ornaments on string} Not sure where we could do one of these, but it is really actually simple to do.

bean bag chairs for brainstorming sessions!

Half painted wall-branding space

wall vinyl logo

Hanging chair

More chalk

Color - branded walls

Chalkboard paint


Logo wall

Paint chips behind a frame = dry erase calendar. If we got larger paint swatches in the same color scheme and a really awesome frame, I think this could be a really great dry erase calendar!

If we end up going the urinal route... haha ;)

These look more for outdoors, but they are still awesome-looking.

striped fabric blinds.

I like the look of these ones, but I agree white would look better with our floors.

if we have an overall color scheme something in a pattern like this could be fun.

Dual drawer dishwasher would be nice. Can wash one drawer or both at time, great for small loads.

10 Things to Consider When Buying an Office Chair - Consideration #8 Corporate Image and your Office Chair Corporate image today is maintained by far more than signage and a logo, and your office chairs can say a lot about your business. For instance, high-end, high-design chairs tell your customers (and employees) that you are a cutting-edge, luxury brand.

For kids? Pssh. This totally needs to be in every adult apartment.

great how the chairs pop

moving wall

DIY Antique door as personal weekly desk calendar

I really like the separation of the desks like this

Loving the workspace of Austin artist/illustrator/designer Shyama Golden.

The colors already work too!