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Books Worth Reading

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School of Fail - School Fails - homework class test - Cheezburger

Jordan Hawthorne was on the brink of having everything she ever wanted. Her Master’s degree was within her grasp as well as a diamond ring on her finger until one fateful day, in true fashion of a failed romance, she found her fiancé in a compromising position. Having too much respect for herself to just forgive him, she left her hometown of Charlotte and moved to the middle of a mountainous nowhere. The country life meant a new breed, especially of a certain cowboy, Tom McCloud.

Time, distance, and a best friend kept them apart. Paul Harris struggled for eight years to let go of his best friend's ex. Ellie Caldwell dealt with never having the man she truly craved. When time and distance didn't get in the way, a forbidden love unfolded between the two with neither one of them wanting to hurt the man keeping them apart.

Just because their best friends are married to each other doesn't mean that they have to get along. Katherine Klein makes it her personal mission to never speak to Lance Walton ever again after one "irresponsible" night. But life can't be that easy. As the saying goes, there's a thin line between love and hate.

Due to circumstances beyond his control, Xander Walton is forced to move away from his posh city life to farming country. As he attempts to redefine himself in his father’s hometown, he is faced with a part of his past that he has desperately tried to forget … his first kiss … his first crush … his only love … Mary.

After four years in the Marines, Teague returns to a fatherless home and to an emotionally unavailable girlfriend. The demons of his desert past follow him from the battlefield, twisting fact with fiction. How does he conquer the demons without his beloved and without the daughter he never knew? ... He doesn’t.

Over four years later, the once inseparable group has to go back to the dreaded place where it all fell apart … the place where they all needed their own personal closure. They needed to say the goodbyes they never got to say. What happens when Teague comes back broken? When Pearl has a huge secret her sister doesn’t even know? When Xander comes back cold and heartless? And when Mary comes out of hiding despite the hell it will bring? Will they be able to resist the outcome?

Unfamiliar Territory I love this book. It is unconventionally awesome. Keeps you hooked Wattpad (source)

Major Book least this gave me a little giggle!





"Unfamiliar+Territory+-+Chapter+Nine"+by+JacceB+-+"Mac+Stephens’+last+birthday+was+spectacular,+for+all+the+wrong+reasons. Being+unceremoniously+dum…"

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