Books Worth Reading

A partial list of the best books I have read to my kid... go to for the full reviews!
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The Conference Of The Birds

Check out how COB was rated on Kid Book Ratings!

Humble Bumble

I don't want to brag, but. I think I just found my first 2016 E RIK Award nominee!

EIEIO - How Old MacDonald Got His Farm

This has gotta be the most successful agriculture-related endeavor since FarmVille.

Bing & Nero

It's almost June and we don't have a single 2014 ERIK Award nominee yet?

How Long Will You Love Me?

If anyone asked me this question my answer would have been a whole hell of a lot different than it is now.

Karate Hour

THREE PROS * Both the author (Carol Nevius) and the illustrator (Bill Thomson) display black belt ski.

I Loathe You

David Slonim turns in a frighteningly great effort! THREE PROS * Simply a wonderful idea to employ a strategy wherein scary .

Those Darn Squirrels Fly South

The perfect book for families in Richmond who like baseball and goofs like me. THREE PROS * Just a cool and unique story th.

If I Built A Car

We're talking the premium package baby! THREE PROS * Not a complicated concept, ye.

How Far Do You Love Me?

How Far Do You Love Me?

Amazing ABC

Amazing ABC: An Alphabet Book of Lego Creations: Sean Kenney

Hot, Hot Roti For Dada-ji

C'mon now, give it a chance. THREE PROS * Surprisingly few children's books come off the way you would recount a fascinat.

Captain No Beard

We're gonna take a trip on a little pirate ship! THREE PROS * What a pleasant surprise to receive a book that is so perfect.