25 Socially Awkward Things I Do -- Id list the ones I relate to, except I relate to almost all of them.

Every time.

Every time.

What I see in my head when I'm about to draw vs. What I end up drawing. This about sums up playing Draw Something on my phone

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Artist problems

artist-problems: Submitted by: A [ Buying great art supplies and not using them later in fear of “wasting” them on mediocre pieces.

Artist problems

I have an entire folder filled with half-done drawings//// honey, I've got 500 unfinished drawings.

More ideas
Kid:draw me an alien  Me:I dont wanna draw right now            Kid:ok then,can i sit beside you?                                           Me:guess so     Kid:*slides paper and markers over to me*

Kid: draw me an alien Me: I dont wanna draw right now Kid: ok then,can i sit beside you? Me: guess so Kid: *slides paper and markers over to me*>>> so true


Artist problems << This should be on a shirt Sadly enough, though I world go with "Easier imagined than drawn" <<<< true

Yeah, done with LIFE!

artist-problems: “ Submitted by: ellehe [ “Can I have that drawing when you’re done?


artist-problems: Submitted by: twokoos [ you keep buying sketchbooks but a bunch of your old ones are only a quarter full.