I've always felt this way. And I'll never forgot when my 4 yr. old (now 17) looked up at the starts and said, "Mama, I think those stars are all the people in heaven that we miss, shining down on us! They are so bright, they even shine when it is dark!"

So sweet, our loved ones in the sky. So sweet, our loved ones in the sky. So sweet, our loved ones in the sky.

Grief causes a host of #stress reactions.  This post can help.

Stress Managment for Kids starts w/ Body Basics - identifying how your body feels (butterflies in tummy, sweaty palms etc.

#Grief and Loss Through the #Holidays: Helping Kids.  5 Tips PLUS....

Helping Kids Cope with Grief and Loss Through the Holidays The holidays pose special concerns for children coping with grief and los.

Teen Mini-Workbook on Loss

Help teens deal with grief and loss from a variety of issues: death, break-ups, relocation, etc.

stages of grief from a child perspective

Understanding the stages of grief from a child perspective. We all grieve and we should understand the normal stages of grief and when then become abnormal.

explaining suicide.  important stuff.

TOUCHED BY SUICIDE. This unique story and activity workbook equips you with the tools necessary to help explain suicide openly and honestly to children and open the lines of communication between you and a grieving child.