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    KIDSPOT: Project lunch box

    Lunch boxes always need to be filled! Even when you're low on inspiration. Check out these gorgeous lunch box ideas now. #kidspotkitchen

    KIDSPOT: Project lunch box

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    Kids will ADORE these - in lunch boxes, for dinner, for snacks ... whenever!

    Mix it up with your kid's school lunches with these sandwichless lunch ideas. So many great ideas for lunch even I want to try!

    Bacon, spinach and feta scrolls - Kidspot

    Super easy prawn fried rice - the kids will love it! (Kidspot)

    Slow cooker cheese and bacon scrolls - Kidspot

    Mini ham and zucchini quiches - Kidspot

    CLASSIC: Marshmallow bubble slice

    Homemade rice puff bars - your kids will LOVE these ones!

    Weetbix slice = the ultimate lunch box treat or after-school snack!

    Sleeping Mickey and Minnie

    Your kids will LOVE these Halloween jokes. And you can click through for more :)

    Need some new ideas for lunch time? Check out these totally doable toddler bento lunch ideas!

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    More ideas to keep it new.

    We WISH we had time to try this! Would your kids love it?

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