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Tasha Christensen

Tasha Christensen
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Vintage Revivals: Epic Room Makeover Unveiling!

I get emails all the time asking how I do what I do with Vintage Revivals. Its going to be a continual series so if you want answers make

I've been putting off this tutorial because it's kind of a monster project, but for those of you who want to try making your own antiqued mi...

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upcycled mirror

So, ever since I saw this awesome tutorial from Mandi @ Vintage Revivals I've been wanting to do an acid mirror. I've seen them popping u.

Mature Women. Young Skin.

Aging gracefully is something that I think many of us strive to do. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a great attitude, and a positive outlook go a long way, but DIY skin care can help too. Mother Nature has quite a.