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China and Denver!!!  ·  Jo is a mom, teacher, marathoner, yogi, nonprofit junkie, attorney and Mandarin speaker. She is passionate about teaching kids Mandarin Chinese through yoga.

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Guest Blog:  Daily Cup of Yoga

Yoga for Digestion, 3 poses that can help ease holiday overindulgences.

Guest Blog:  Rainbow Kids

Guest Blog: Rainbow Kids

Kids Yoga Speak in Stockholm

Kids Yoga Speak in Stockholm

Sweet Sweden

Kids Yoga Speak in Stockholm

Listing — Johanna Garton

Sloth fact of the day: Sloths generally only come down from the trees once a week to, "ahem", do their business. It takes a sloth about a week to digest food because its metabolism is so slow.

Best Book for Moms: Families with Children from China

Best books for mom with Chinese kids. Memoirs of adoptive moms, history, fiction.

Zoo Themed Yoga Cards and Printables - Perfect for stations, brain breaks, physical education, or therapies! Get the kids moving!

Zoo Themed Yoga Cards and Printables. Yoga help children to take brain breaks/mind clearing, provides physical education, and serves as a relaxation technique.

Great Wall of China

Great wall, China It's been always one of my travel destination place to feel the giant wall in Asia. I wish I can make it someday.

Blog — Johanna Garton

Blog — Johanna Garton

Best Books for Moms: Families with Children from China

Best New Books for Moms with children from China New books on moving to China with the family, Chinese cuisine, touching novel about a girl who loses everything cooking China booklist My Thing

According to recently published research in The American Journal of Occupational Therapy by NYU Steinhardt scientists, a yoga exercise program significantly benefits autistic childr