Training Secrets Behind Macaw Tricks. I Want A Turn Now. -

Training Secrets Behind Macaw Tricks.

Dancing Cockatoo Snowball Twerks For Tacos. A Scientific Wonder Of The World. -

Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service, Inc., a not for profit bird rescue and sanctuary, would like to thank Taco Bell for their generous donation to our org.

Budgie Exercise With A Hamster Wheel. You've Got To See This. -

Helping your budgie exercise is a challenge not just for budgerigars but for all captive birds. Budgies are high energy, and one of the fastest flying.

Galahs: Rose-Breasted Cockatoos Under Fire. Impossible Problems Are Not Their Fault. -

Galahs, also known as Rose-Breasted Cockatoos, are a stunning sight to see in the wild. Galahs get into all sorts of.

African Grey Powder Is The New Black. "I've Been CAGGED!" -

Basic Feather Differences of Powder Vs. Oil Based Preening - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, my name is Katie and I work with a golden cockatoo.

Free Flight Practice In New Mexico. Know The Dangers. -

Here at Parrot Shop we like to feature free flight videos found around the web.

Flying Flock Of Parrots Gets Flight Training Inside. Good Or Bad Idea? -

This flock of parrots, tow Galahs and an African grey, practice their flight skills in a gymnasium. The video featured below is from the parrot trainers.

Flying Parrots In The Desert. Macaws Teach A Conure About First Flight. -

Training a parrot for free flight is a lot trickier than anyone may realize. With every video that shows flying parrots, we see that many more.

Spiritual Evolution Of Victor The Budgie. A Memorial To A Cool Bird.  -

Here is a memorial video for Victor the Budgie. Victor lived only a short time for a budgie, from 1997 to In that short time he picked up an.

My Name Is Fuzzy, I'm A Dancing Conure. Dance With Me To Skrillex! -

Here is an epic dubstep dancing conure. Fuzzy seems to like the electric sounds of Skrillex, showing off his moves in beat to the music.

Lost African Grey Finally Reunites With His Man After Four Years. Now He's Bilingual. -

Lost African Grey Finally Reunites With His Man After Four Years. Now He's Bilingual.