I love this more realistic trend for wedding/couples photoshoots. Standing on an isolated beach in expensive rented clothing isn't realistic and just looks so damn generic. That second shot in the kitchen is more genuine because it's so realistic!

Dance is often in ordinary moments... every breath, every moment to move that is yet to be imagined... every sound and light... the feel, the scent, the touch of every second of life... dance.

Easy and glamour DIY way to decorate a boring white wall (maybe even behind you as you take your vows). Imagine the gorgeous photos you could get of a ceremony held against a wall of twinkle lights!

Ahh my love, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I enjoy our little talks over the phone, even if we don't say much, it absolutely means the world to me. I love you:)

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When it comes to Engagement shoots, the ones that always stand out for me are those that well and truly capture the personality of the couple. It's more than

DAAAAANG GIRL… look at those legs! 😉Breanna and Tommy drove down to good ol’ Indianapolis from Jackson, Mich. just so they could get their engagement photos taken. Talk about pressure! 😉The light this day was …