"In order to be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid." Amazed I actually remember any Spanish. haha :)

Lady ripper!

the Walking Dead : Rick "This is not a Democracy anymore"... was it ever?


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R2D2 text art.

Star Wars Christmas Love!

Star Wars Christmas sweater. Uhm... SOMEONE LET ME KNOW WHERE I CAN BUY THIS! KTHANX.

Wookie stocking. Would be cute to have each member of the family have a different character =). My inner Star Wars geekness coming through! Kayla you must see this!

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Chewbacca Christmas

funny Christmas snowman picture

Funny Cats: Christmas Cats

Beyond Obedience and Agility: 5 Unusual Dog-Powered Sports | Cesar Millan

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What fun plans do you have this weekend? www.bionicplay.com Christmas shopping anyone?

Weird And Wonderful Door Handles: "Finally, here’s one for the inner child in you. Remember the Walt Disney film, Alice In Wonderland? Of course you do! Well here’s the character The Door Knob serving its true purpose. The eyes even move when you turn the knob, providing the opportunity to release the child inside you." Photo courtesy of Sfgamchick

Jamie Taylor/ Carolyn Ravenna? :)

The Grinch!