Why do we use a whole drawer for this, when OBVIOUSLY this is a far superior way of storage?

Hang one of those wire shelves from pantry shelves for storage of plastic wrap, foil, ziplocks, etc. This could free up an entire drawer!

Great Idea for outside dining. Muffin cups & mason jars. Just add straw! :)

cupcake liners under mason jar lids! Great idea for an outdoor party to keep the bugs out of your drink. Good idea but make sure you use a small mouth jar. The wide mouth mason jars were too wide for the cupcake liners.

What a fabby idea!

Turn baby food jars into magnetic spice containers. The magnet idea is great, but they'd break at my house! Love the idea of using baby food jars so a measuring spoon would actually fit.

owl measuring cups

Owls Colorful Ceramic Measuring Cups Set of 4

Great idea!

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Creepy, but I want it!

I seriously wanted this until my husband pointed out that it might confuse the children.they can't appreciate dark humor.

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