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Makes Me GiGGLe

So, a lot of goalies have this problem... It's called 'Sidney Crosby.'

you think your job is bad

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 77 Pics

You know you're from the 90s if you remember being disappointed when the CD's leaflet didn't have the lyrics to the songs. How else were you going to learn that damn line on track 3.

The English Language. mind blown.

Warning: English Teacher Poster

Group projects

I like this version better lol

I don't always have a migraine, but when I don't, I have a moderately painful headache...story of my life

Are morning classes good for you? - WTF fun facts

And that's why I always ship things to my office.

This, too, shall pass. Painfully, like a kidney stone, but remember, it'll pass.