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an image of a tv screen with trees in the back ground and birds flying over it
KlimtStudio | Etsy
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I have opened a shop on Etsy. Now you can have limited edition prints from Arkanum.
several different drawings are shown in black and white
In the search for Love
Somebody told me a week ago, that my book is so dark. I am talking about the quest for Love. The Love we all want and would do everything for it, the Love we think we do not have, the Love we would die for, the Love we do not recognize, the Love we forgot all about it ... so we live in darkness and that is the reason that the first book is Black book. - the second Octave from Arkanum Black book #love #quest #why #when #who #black #light
an artistic drawing of trees and animals in the woods, with two people standing on one side
key page
Old manuscripts have key pages. I always loved them, they are full of secret messages and keys for unlocking the secret. One of the famous ones is the keypage from the Book of Kells. I hope I will see it one day in person. So here is one of the keypages from Arcanum. #key #page #bookofkells #book #love #secret #howto #famus #old #arcanum
a drawing of two women surrounded by trees
“there is a crack in everything. That is how the light goes in.“
You know when there is a melody, a sentence that doesn't want to go away and it is rolling over and over and over ... “there is a crack in everything. That is how the light goes in.“ It is from Leonard Cohen song and I like it so much. I do not have anything more to add to this page ...Arkanum, Black book, page 36/37. #love #lovemylife #lights #woman #womanpower #womanartist #womanleader
an artistic painting with black and white images on the side of it, depicting two people sitting in a boat surrounded by trees
In the search for Love
The third octave from Arkanum, the story of #love. Love is the only thing that lives forever and as Jim #Jarmusch in his #film “Only lovers left alive“.
a drawing of a tree with several pictures on it
Run away
We have to be free, we have to be brave, we have to enter into unknown to be able to change ourselves. Only then the world around us will change. ARKANUM, Back book, page 32/33 Support my work on Patreon
an artistic painting with many pictures on it
The history is repeting
I just wanted to post a new page from Black #book and realized that it looks like some of the #recent events I saw all around the globe. I must say that I have created this drawing one year ago and that the story is many years old. It could be a #vision but it is not. The events like this are to be found all around #human history. Sadly but #true. The quest must go on, page 30/31. For Love.
an image of two shoes with people walking in the woods and saturn above them, as if from space
The path out of the crisis leads through the crisis
This week I am going on with the Black book. I would love to give you more #sunshine but the story is going into #darkness. The only good thing is there is always light at the end of a night. So lets goo into darkness. Pages 28/29.
two stained glass panels depicting people in the woods
Dancing into the forest
Dance me to your #beauty with a burning violin Dance me through the panic 'til I'm gathered safely in Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove Dance me to the end of love Oh let me see your beauty when the #witnesses are gone Let me feel you moving like they do in Babylon Show me slowly what I only know the limits of Dance me to the end of love --Leonard Cohen Pages 26/27.
some type of art that is in the middle of a black and white photo with words written
Arkanum Black Book, page 4/5
I have been searching for many years. In ancient pictures, sculptures, architecture and scripts, reading myths and legends, books about secret knowledge, written by wise men, mystics, prophets and saints. I have been searching in illuminations and long-forgotten symbols, in secret books an texts. after many years I was lucky enough that I meet someone who did all the way before me, to shorten my way. The Arcanum books are made to help you on your search for Love.
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Arkanum, Black book, page 24/25
“You are in prison. If you wish to get out of prison, the first thing you must do is realize that you are in prison. If you think you are free, you can't escape.” ― G.I. Gurdjieff #Gurdjieff #enneagram #dance #dancers #peopledancing #chaod #order #liberation
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New page for Arcanum Black book, page 20/21.
“Everyone should consider his body as a priceless gift from one whom he loves above all, marvellous work of art, of indescribable beauty, and a mystery beyond human conception, and so delicate that a word, a breath, a look, nay, a thought may injure it.” ― Nikola Tesla
a black and white drawing of a woman with long hair in front of a mirror
Arkanum Black book
It is a new serial of eight for the Black book, pages 18 and 19. something is going to happen for sure in next weeks. You can see more on or support my work on #fundraising #design #graphicdesign #visualdesign #userexperience #culture #consultants #energy