Seriously... We have to go back. I might need to watch all the seasons again....maybe in the fall.


This Is How Long It Would Take To Binge-Watch Your Favorite Television Shows

At Cabinet Tronix we love to binge-watch our favourite TV shows. Check out this Nielsen infographic which shows how long it would take to watch the top series!

John Locke.. This I pretty funny , I never realized the resemblance between John Locke an this advertisement(mr. Clean)

Lost - john locke "mr. clean" new original t-shirt

Pictures of the characters that died on LOST.... it's the ones you actually see dying in the show itself.

Gallery Books to publish an investigative book about Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina

LOST - Portraits of the Dead (tear). as of the series finale. should be a picture of EVERYONE >.

You became overly invested in this group of people and still miss seeing them every week. | 15 Signs "LOST" Changed Your Life

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