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Martin Pohlavek

Martin Pohlavek
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I had a coworker tell me "I forget you're a girl cause I say shit and you just don't care"

the INTJs functions described in the shortest way possible.

My dominant function as an ENFJ is Fe, what we need. Secondary is Ni, "what will be." Tertiary is Se, "what is." Inferior function is Ti, "why it is.

One of my favorite quotes from my favorite book: Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. Said by Mr. Darcy (INTJ) to Elizabeth Bennett (INFJ/P)

just ask

Except when I keep my opinions to myself, even when asked, because I know that sharing them will do nothing but open up a long and fruitless conversation with annoying people.

part of the "how to tell if an #INTJ likes you" list by - sandshrewandrew #introverts #quietrev

part of the “how to tell if an INTJ likes you” list by - sandshrewandrew