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several different types of birds and trees in black and white pictures, with the names of them
learn to draw lessons
a person writing on a blackboard with the word jon
Learn to Draw with Jon Gnagy
Ball, cube, cylinder, cone. By using these four shapes, I can draw any picture I want. And so can you! Hello friends, this is Jon Gnagy, to prove to you that you can learn to draw by following my step by step television lesson. So get your papers and pencils ready, and we’ll start right away!
an open book sitting on top of a table next to some pens and pencils
Jon Gnagy "Learn To Draw" Kit
The start of my art career. Watched Jon Gnagy on TV when I was 5, got the kit when I was 12.
an assortment of art supplies including pencils, markers and paper
Learning to draw with Jon Gnagy.
a person is holding up a drawing with mountains in the background
Jon Gnagy Lesson: Mountain Lake
Way before there was Bob Ross, there was Jon Gnagy "Learn to Draw." Lesson: Mountain Lake - YouTube
an instruction book for drawing with pencils and paper
a man is drawing a boat on the wall
JON GNAGY'S LEARN TO DRAW - YouTube. My first art teacher =) spent many happy childhood hours with Jon and my little drawing pad.
a man standing in front of a tv holding up a painting with sailboats on it
Gnagy learn to draw
"Learn to Draw" with Jon Gnagy!
a drawing of a car driving down a snowy road
Jon Gnagy Lesson: Snow Scene
Jon Gnagy Lesson: Snow Scene
the book learn to draw with jon gnagy is shown on a white surface
Jon Gnagy Learn to Draw Book 1950s | Etsy
Jon Gnagy Learn to Draw Book 1950s by mimiyaya on Etsy, $20.00
a man is drawing on a white board
Jon Gnagy Lesson: Seaport Village
Jon Gnagy Lesson: Seaport Village
a box that is sitting on the ground next to a table with scissors and other items in it
Middle Aged Memories
Jon Gnagy "Learn To Draw Outfit" by Epiclectic. I have this kit . . . just like new. My original was really used so I found a new one at an antique shop in Nebraska.
the learn to draw set is in its box and it's contents are on display
Jon Gnagy Learn to Draw Set---My best 1958 Christmas present from Santa