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chanyeol & Beakhyun

EXO Planet <------omo Baekhyun is so cute Baekyeol BaekHyun's shirt shows fits perfectly to his expression XD


BaekYeol//I ship it so hard. Baekhyun must be bisexual, or pansexual. We can all see it. The Taeyeon thing? Probably SM trying to cover it up.

the mischief of baekyeol couple

Baekhyun and Chanyeol be traveling in style through the airport


ever had any thoughts or feelings about baekyeol you want to share? step right up, welcome to the baekyeol corner.

Chen | Baekhyun | they were in the same audition .... the only ones who passed

Baekhyun and Chen joined at SM together. They knew everything about each other. So when there's problem, they know how to comfort each other. And Baekhyun is the person, Chen is comfortable to share secrets with.