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FREEBIE - Multiplication Freebie NO PREP Games - Just print and play!

Fun Games 4 Learning: More NO PREP Math Games Freebies


Second Grade Mental Math Freebie

Smiling and Shining in Second Grade: Mental Math for Second Grade


10 ways to practice multiplication facts beyond the traditional use of flashcards.

10 Ways to Practice Multiplication Facts


Elapsed Time Task Cards {FREE}

Elapsed Time Task Cards {FREE}


What a fun way to understanding ELAPSED TIME. Kids will get a kick out of this video. (4 min)

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Worksheets: Calculate Elapsed Time

Calculate Elapsed Time


Draw the Hands on the Clock Worksheets

Time Worksheets | Time Worksheets for Learning to Tell Time


Telling Time Snowball Fight: Students have a one minute indoor snowball fight, then they grab a snowball and read the clock printed on the snowball.$

Telling Time: Snowball Fight


Cute clock idea for teaching past and to

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I taught this! Cut squares of paper, write numbers 1-12 on them, make two hands from paper and place all pieces in a clasp-envelope and students arrange their own "clocks".

Mrs. T's Second Grade: Telling Time: Human Clock


Great kinesthetic activity to reinforce learning about, polygons, parallel lines, obtuse angles, etc.

Fabulous in Fifth!: Throwback Thursday- Geometry Galore


FREEBIE Interactive Notebook Activity in Preview

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Math centers and printables - tons of ideas & resources on this blog.

Tales from Outside the Classroom: Math Centers


This has to be my student's favorite math game. I've made 3 different boards with a Camper theme. The focus is practicing with number words, tallie...

Camper Number Bump


Where was this a month ago when I started teaching equivalent fractions??? File it away for next year ... Foldable for teaching equivalent fractions

Buzzing with Ms. B: Fraction Fanatic


Addition/Subtraction game. A student rolls a die and moves the number of spaces shown on the die. Then the student adds the number shown on the card to the number shown on the die. Sums can be checked by counting.

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Math Center: I went crazy and made oodles of center activities (inspired by Pinterest) over Thanksgiving break. All the materials were bought at the Dollar Tree :) This one I called "Hot Fact Cakes" ;)

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Egg Carton Shake Up Multiplication and addition. SUCH a fun game! Sending out an email for egg cartons tomorrow! :)

Egg Carton Shake Up!


Students have a card and do exercises upon entering.

PE-4-KIDS --- Keep'em Moving!!!: WEEK #4


Put math flash cards in a small photo album and students can answer the cards using a whiteboard marker. Great review! This is a first grade post, but just add multiplication or division flash cards and it works GREAT for third and fourth grade!

Second Grade Nest: Favorite Pin Friday


Free Fall Math Word Problem Puzzlers from Laura Candler

Puzzling Problems for Fall


45 math games using dice

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Addition/Subtraction game. Students roll a dice, move that many spaces, add the number on the dice to the number card they landed on. Variations: +1/+2 dice. +10/+5 dice. How many more to make ten?

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Kinesthetic way to teach multiplication with equal groups. Hula hoops on the floor with kids inside.

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Halloween Pumpkin Addition/Subtraction Sorting

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