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Women convicted of witchcraft

Ralph C. Lincoln, 11th generation Lincoln, 3rd cousin of Abraham

Sojourner Truth, born in New York in slavery, escaped with daughter in 1826 to freedom, became a evangelist and reformer for abolition and women's rights.

Mozart's grave, Vienna

The First Thanksgiving Observance... A Proclamation Signed in Script Type by George Washington Appearing in The Massachusetts Centinel of October 14, 1789. While there were Thanksgiving observances in America both before and after Washington's proclamation, this represents the first to be so designated by the new national government.

The Rosetta Stone, Egypt, Ptolemaic Period, 196 BC. One of the most influential and famous ancient artifacts discovered, the Rosetta Stone is an ancient Egyptian granodiorite stele inscribed with a decree issued at Memphis in 196 BC on behalf of King Ptolemy V. The inscription has three languages on it (Greek, demotic and hieroglyphs), each saying the same thing. Because of the translations, it provided great insight into the mystery of Egyptian hieroglyphs. Photo taken by Hans Hillewaert.

Mihai Eminescu, age 19, 1860. Somewhat unstable Romantic Romanian poet.

Rosa Parks, 1955, with Dr. Martin Luther King in the background.

House of Tudor 1485 - 1603 family tree

Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper Was the third person to prorgram the first computer, authored the first compiler, created the first business-oriented programming language which led to the development of COBOL, received the first ever Computer Science Man of the Year Award, discovered the first computer "bug" and was the oldest commissioned officer in the US Navy at the time of her retirement.

"No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her self." - Susan B. Anthony

Catherine Carey, daughter of Mary Boleyn, niece of Anne Boleyn, possible daughter of Henry VIII

Portrait of the Princesse de Lamballe 1788 Anton Hickel

Princess Helen, Duchess of Albany, in her wedding dress.

Winterhalter - Anna of Prussia, married into the Hessian family

What Queen Alexandra wore to her coronation in 1902.

A grave from the Victorian age when a fear of zombies and vampires was prevalent. The cage was intended to trap the undead just in case the corpse reanimated.

Battles of the Civil War

Reading while churning butter (with cat taking care of splashes), 1897

Louisa May Alcott

Clara Barton...Founder Red Cross

Martha Washington (1731-1802) America's first First Lady from 1789-1797. Her marriage to President George Washington was her second. Martha was known for interceding on behalf of those in need, especially veterans of the Revolutionary War.

Harriet Beecher Stowe. Photo courtesy of the National Archives.

Mary Edwards Walker (November 26, 1832 - February 21, 1919) was an American feminist, abolitionist, prohibitionist, alleged spy, prisoner of war and surgeon. She is one of only eight civilians, and the only woman ever to receive the Medal of Honor.

Elizabeth Blackwell was rejected by 19+ medical schools but was finally accepted by Geneva Medical College in NY. She graduated on January 23, 1849 to become the first female doctor in history.