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Pegasus loved the innocent girl so much he came to the beach every day so she could stroke him. He knew their love was impossible, but he couldn't help falling for her.

Time for you to leave by Cecilou-chan on deviantART

You are on a path that is unfamiliar and at times seems very precarious, but you must not be afraid. I am leading you and directing your steps. Open your eyes and see how far you have come. Don't stop here, for you still have a ways to go. The path is narrowing and demands more of you than you thought you could possibly endure. But, with Me all things are possible, says the Lord. Keep pressing on. --MB

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One With Nature - digital art by ©Nisachar (via deviantART) ~ Reminds me (LoveHopes) of Living Waters ...

MBX Vol 01 02 One-with Nature by Nisachar on deviantART