The Art of Adornment: How To Wear Multiple Earrings via @WhoWhatWear

The Art of Adornment: How To Wear Multiple Earrings

Body piercings in the became widely popular and was used as decoration. Multiple ear piercings were popular as well as other body piercings and tattoos

holes with unique stones

I've always wanted a row of ear piercings. I've gotten a cartilage piercing before but it closed. When I pierce my ears it takes about a year to heal making it very difficult, but I hope to have many cartilage piercings one day!

Express you style ... big small round flat

Obsessed with the yin-yang gauge. Also depicted: tragus, triple lobe piercings, and cartilage piercing -- it's TARGUS and that's a cuff.

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.”

Absolutely Staggering Top Ear Piercings A top ear piercing can be just as noticeable as an earlobe piercing and it can allow for a wider range of jewelry because there is simply more space to.