Kim Parish

Kim Parish

World of Warcraft - Elune - Anuba
Kim Parish
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Handmade drawstring lunch box bag, handbag, small bag. Photo Sewing Tutorial.

Handmade drawstring lunch box bag, handbag, or small bag, with photos and sewing tutorial

Handy Pouch Bag Tutorial. Удобная сумочка ~

Handy Pouch Bag Tutorial x

*Pin Continued* 6. Color each section gradating color from dark to light to dark. 7. Use an analogous color and apply same gradation pattern. 8. Add another analogous color or repeat the first one. 9. Use different colors for the next section. This is how you color: shade lightly the entire shape with a color of your choice. shade full strength - leaving a small area in the middle. use white pencil to blend the middle part. use black or a darker color to blend the sides of the shape.

How to draw and color an optical design. Add an illusion of depth in the design by using colored pencils coloring techniques. Mix and blend colors. Complete tutorial by artist and teacher Julianna Kunstler.

Hello Kitty. 3

tuto pour faire une peluche Hello Kitty, Free softie pattern , it is in Russian, that will make an interesting sewing adventure!

Hello Kitty. 2

interesting pattern pieces for detailed shapes

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty free pattern by concetta

awesome wrap dress tutorial

awesome wrap dress tutorial + lots of adult tutorial

Messenger Bag pattern draft... to make my own computer bag, maybe.

Free Messenger Bag Tutorial Free Sewing Pattern from the Bags Free Sewing Patterns Category at Craft Freely

free angel cut veil pattern

free angel cut veil pattern

Free Cascade cut - Angel cut - Waterfall - wedding veil instructions, pattern - Tiaras, Wedding Veils & cheap bridal accessories

Free wedding veil pattern for waterfall veil real veil, but adapt for doll