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Well, if your stuck with it, might as well have jokes to go with it.

The worst feeling is when something is killing you inside, and you have to act like you don't care.

Type 1 Diabetes--It's more that you don't want to eat.. Then your blood sugar drops and you eat the entire kitchen!

This is what I saw the first time I took Josh's blood upon being diagnosed, August 31, 2010. Very scary, to say the least!!!

I'm the Blood Sugar Fairy. If you can see me, yours is too low.

~ 100 % False ~ every T1D has heard this a million times!

This feeling is probably worse than the slurring and walking like you're drunk... I don't like feeling like I'm living on a cloud.

Type 1 Diabetes Meme -- Yes, it's funny... but I'm pretty certain that this is what happens a lot of times, especially when a T1D teen is hanging out with friends and trying to hurry the "carb count" part of the "test" process. And then it's not funny...

Type 1 Diabetes Memes Haha some of these are hilarious but probably only if you have it or are close to someone who does.

Tired. I hate that every few weeks I am done and out for three days and then it take three days to get moving again. 2 steps forward and 3 steps backwards. Wish some could cure me of that. I will take a day of throwing up in exchange for my done days.

Diabetes - Don says, "Sugar kills people. Diabetes is the name of a disease or disorder. It describes people and their condition while expressing an emphasis on the fact that they can not process sugar."

HealthLight Peripheral Neuropathy Infographic Poster While I don't have diabetes, I like the different symptoms described here. Neuropathy is this and so much more.

Happens a lot... smells like band aids - blech!

Seriously. I hate when I talk about my t1 and people star comparing it to their great aunts or something. NOT THE SAME!

The sentiments of a Type 1 Diabetes Mom or Dad! I don't punch people, but this does bother me. People just don't understand the difference of T1 and T2. T1 is a daily fight to live, just like cancer and other diseases. None of it is good.

This is me right now.. blah... woke up freezing, shakey, and ready to eat everything in the kitchen.. I hate my diabetes

Yes, I am diabetic. No, it is not because I ate too much sugar. #diabetes I have a friend who says, "diabetes isn't a sugar problem, it's an insulin problem." So true.

This is even harder when people don't know that you're sick. I was in denial FOR YEARS but I would literally seethe with resentment when people would whine about their splinter/paper cut/pulled muscle. The kicker would be anyone telling me to suck it up when I had something discernible that seemed minor to them, but compounded the daily pain I experienced. :(

Never understood How anyone could ever say that to someone in the first place!

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