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Math Work Station (Adding numbers) Note: great for hands-on learning, visual learning, and getting up and moving!

Anchor chart, comparing. Put a greater than gator under first one and less than under the other.

Teacher Stuff: Math Chart Share!!

Kindergartners add the two sides of a domino and then put it on the matching plywood square. GREAT for seeing all of the combinations to twelve!

A Year Full of Kindergarten Lessons for Understanding Addition and Subtraction

Free Number Formation Rhymes. These are AMAZING!! Print and Drive little cars…

These are AMAZING! Print and Drive little cars, trucks and planes and learn proper letter formation. Tons of other Free Number Printables too!

How many more and how many less anchor chart

Teacher Stuff: Math Chart Share!!

Love this visual for "how many more?" Number comparisons for finding the difference in subtraction. Have kids color in & show the difference in subtraction. Connect to how many more /less word problem & # sentence

pompoms, tart pans, and chopsticks

Children will sort colored pompoms into numbered cupcake liners. By using chopsticks, children will also develop their fine motor skills. {Pre-k} {Individual}

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