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fighting stickman animated GIF

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Hasil gambar untuk epic stick flipnote fight gif

Hasil gambar untuk epic stick flipnote fight gif

Itachi Uchiha

Day Favourite male anime character ever. Need I explain? One of the most caring and selfless characters ever.

My own clock tattoo

My own clock tattoo "Time won't tell" the quote I interperet from this beautiful artwork permanently tattooed on the skin

3D Tattoo - WICKED!! More Tattoo Ideas, Pockets Watches, 3D Tattoo, The Artists, A Tattoo, Tattoo Design, Clocks Tattoo, Time Tattoo, Steampunk Ill never get a tattoo but I can appreciate the coolness of this one! Time tattoo Steampunk clock tattoo design Amazing artwork. I cant tell if the artist messed up a little or if the slight choppiness was intentional. Either way, amazing detail. steampunk clock tattoo. This 3D tattoo is awesome !!!

pp: steampunk clock tattoo. tattoo with the quote "Do Not Squander Time, For It Is the Stuff Life Is Made Of". Set to the time that I was born

3D tattoo

amazing incredible tattoo design idea photorealstic woman eye by Alex De Pase. This is incredible! Not something I would get tattooed on my body but I think it's absolutely stunning.