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Unseen Photos of World War II

Unseen Photos of World War II - bombers flying over their targets

B-17's flying together

While many were shot down. These were some of the most rugged airplanes in the war.

WW2 planes stored nose down awaiting scrapping.

Surplus Aircraft Walnut Ridge Army Airfield military aircraft boneyard and scrapping facility in Arkansas after World War II.


The flying fotress, one of the most famous aircraft of

B 17

"Sentimental Journey" formerly "Class of can be seen at Falcon Field, Mesa AZ. The inside of a was NOT for tall people. (except the top turret)

Bomb Group in tight formation.

Supermarine Spitfire IIa

The Supermarine Spitfire IIa, an early mark. Fast and maneuverable, I believe this is the most beautiful airplane ever! Look at those lovely elliptical wings! Stanford Tuck of the RAF flew this plane and the Hurricane in the Battle of Britain.

40 Warhawk. Jakub Perka, a Polish oil company worker, was trudging through the Sahara Desert 200 miles away from the nearest town when he made the discovery of a lifetime. There, resting almost completely undisturbed for nearly 70 nears, was an almost perfectly intact Kittyhawk P-40, a single-engine fighter that was used by the USAF and the British Royal Air Force during World War II.

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B17 (My Uncle was an engineer on one of these planes. Shot down. hid, POW, freed -camp saved-sent to a "butterball" US hospital camp to recover from near starvation. {butterball may be a term our family used??} He made it home! I am getting correct info. and will repin then. He lived into his early 90's. NEVER used derogatory terms about the then enemy. A real gentleman. More asap K)

(My Uncle was an engineer on one of these planes.

Beautifully restored Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, late G model, unpainted to save weight and camouflage not needed at this stage of the war.

That’s a lot of heavy, shiny metal flying through the air in the form of “Sentimental Journey,” a beautifully restored Boeing Flying Fortress. Photo by Jason Mrachina.