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Pudu - worlds smallest deer

the pedu, world's smallest deer can grow up to 26 pounds. i'm officially obsessed with everything miniature. The Pudu: World’s smallest deer. They live in bamboo thickets to hide from predators, and can weigh up to 12 kilograms pounds).

Sushi is a lot of kind.

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I think rice necessary to Miso soup.

Here in Singapore, we actually colloquially (well, at least in my family) call these manila clams "la-la". I have no idea why, but the sweetness of the clams will definitely work well with the savoriness of the miso soup.

Tempura is fried by bread crumbs

Japanese food at Tokyo Sushi on Bee Cave Rd. in Westlake is fresh and delicious. The atmosphere is quite and the service is excellent.