this sympathetic skull vomiting lots of colorful pieces of paper. This brilliant installation called "Confetti Death" was made by Miami street art artist Typoe

Art is art!

DIY Art: Place blank canvas onto a garage wall, fill water balloons with paint, throw at canvas.

German artist Martin Klimas, translates music into images

German artist Martin Klimas, translates music into images, whoa, way cool!

alexandre farto carved murals

Portuguese artist, Alexandre Farto aka Vhils takes street art to a deeper level with his deconstructed street portraits. He creates striking multi-textural faces in decaying brick walls by meticulously chipping away at the wall’s weathered layers.


This guy continues to amaze people with his sidewalk chalk drawings. This man is artistically talented beyond the visual boundaries of sight!

Love it!

Crazy to think it’s been 16 years since Biggie passed.

Yes it is ☺

Art is not a thing - it is a way. Famous quotes on the way of the artist. In art as in love, instinct is enough. Create from a place of no mind - lose ourselves

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