I really like this floor plan. the upstairs sitting area would be a library and the bedroom would be an office or weight room 1783 sq., 4 bedrooms and bathrooms.

Calabash Cottage - William E. Poole design

Cottage Country Farmhouse Traditional House Plan 86226

I could delete some rooms & have a mighty fine tiny house Total Living Area: 2553 sq., 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms : House Plans :

New Hampshire farmhouse

Peek Inside This Colorful New Hampshire Farmhouse Filled with Country Charm

Signs You Live in the Country - Country Homes and Ideas - Country Living.WELL,well,well,now I sound like I live in a country.

Quaint. Cozy. Cute.

The Doll House, a lovingly-restored small farmhouse from It has 2 bedrooms in roughly 650 sq ft.

Adorable !!

Sweet little cottage foyer, decorated with pretty flowers and a dainty white seat :)