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Indie Tattoos

Indie Tattoos

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Peonies tattoo. So beautiful.

Flowers for a half sleeve. Love it

Possible Half Sleeve

I'd like to see this mandala style of pattern incorporated into a subtle background pattern.

The flower starts as a very tiny flower in the muck and mud of a pond. Then it grows continuously towards the light to the ponds surface. After the flower gets to the surface of the pond it starts to blossom turning into an exquisite and beautiful flower.

Tattoo Submission: Cec (Norway)

Tattoo Submission: Cec (Norway) (Tattoologist)

Done at East River Tattoo, Brooklyn.

The Goodrich Wife - victortattoo: Done at East River Tattoo,...

Lotus Blossom Tattoo by ~Metacharis on deviantART

Lotus Blossom Tattoo by Metacharis on deviantART

LOVE this Lotus

Glam Bistro Creative and Fashionable Small Tattoos for Women | Glam Bistro

Creative and Fashionable Small Tattoos for Women

Small Sparrows Tattoo for Women… @Chelsea Mae Wentworth I want one just like this but with two more birds and on the other shoulder!!

Small Sparrows Tattoo for Women | 8 Tattoos

Cute: Cute Arm Quote Tattoos for Girls - Black Small Arm Quote Tattoos... - Tattoo

I really like the idea of something on my forearm...

Love the quote - focusing on the Unseen - and the placement on the side of the forearm. Font is a little too thick though.

Forearm tattoo-I like the placement and font.

Tattly™ Designy Temporary Tattoos — Be Happy on we heart it / visual bookmark #36673780

Wrist tattoo. My dads last words to me before he died.

Passion wrist tattoo words on skin

Love this tattoo ♥ meaning Fire on Fire, You're the flame in someones eye that's never put out

Lotus Flower - A lovely flower that can grow in mud and dirty water.

Scarification Our bodies our ink

Tattoo Lotus: for the Greeks meant the triumph after fighting tirelessly against failure.

90 Lotus Flower Tattoos

Tattoo idea


One of my favorite sayings!

My hope is in god tattoo. Arm tattoo. Script. Small and simple tattoo.