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Fashion Favorites

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Fashion Favorites

Fashion Favorites

  • 30 Pins

Penelope's little Balenciaga bag I got her for Christmas

Little Balenciaga!
  • Samantha💋

    Supper cute!

  • Erika Milana
    Erika Milana

    TIffany Barnard

  • Caitlin Costanzo
    Caitlin Costanzo

    Too bad the name Penelope means crooked nose :(

  • Ella Burke
    Ella Burke

    This is super adorable !!!!!!!!

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Kim Kardashian - Topshop Opening in Los Angeles

Prabal Gurung for Topshop Opening!
  • Bianca Rodriguez
    Bianca Rodriguez

    Uhm, NO not for kim k!

  • Her Grace
    Her Grace

    She looks like a troll

  • Lála Justino
    Lála Justino

    Fat bitch!!

  • Victoria Bunt
    Victoria Bunt

    She is Drop dead gorgeous and everyone knows that. I hope she is prettier on the inside than you horrible people. You make me sick. Fuck all of you saying horrible things about her.

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Fashion Friday: National Wear Red Day
  • leksi smyer
    leksi smyer

    Hi look gorgeous in this pic hoping u would fallow ne I meet u last summer as seen in my profile picture

  • Maria Arcamone
    Maria Arcamone

    Ur so pretty

  • Lara Medić
    Lara Medić


  • Yasmin Karolia
    Yasmin Karolia

    Hi Kim! It's MinieKardashian from twitter! I love you!

  • ❤Mae Hood❤
    ❤Mae Hood❤

    No carbs! Lol jk I love you you are so pretty

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Kate Moss

Fashion Friday: National Wear Red Day

So Sex & the City - I felt like Carrie Bradshaw!!

So ‘Sex & The City’
  • Lisa Warnick
    Lisa Warnick

    Yea I'm so jealous I always wanted to get famous by letting a dirtbag pee on me and video tape it, then help him sell it and pretend that I'm so hurt by it. Oh! Then I can marry a giant fucktard and divorce him ten minutes later and then while still married to him I want to get pregnant by a even bigger asshole!! That sounds like a dream life... Jealous? I don't think so dumbass.

  • Katarina Flynn
    Katarina Flynn

    haha Lisa..I so agree..

  • Lisa Warnick
    Lisa Warnick

    Thank you Thank you very much! I read that over 100 people RSVP'ed that they arn't going to their joke of a wedding, and that's their friends! Ha ha ha!

  • Pamela Anderson
    Pamela Anderson

    lisa you are one of the many jealous bitches don't hate her because she is beautiful and she has a blessed life she knew what she wanted and went after it they call it going for your dreams life is what you make it get over it hunny and as for her hubby stop being mad cuz you cant get one haha

  • Lisa Warnick
    Lisa Warnick

    Oh boo hoo Your breaking my heart with that crap. She's a slit and he's a complete bore that's a closet homosexual. Sounds like a dream.... Not! And if getting pissed on in a porno is a blessed life, I think I'll pass. But you keep pretending she's some sort of saint and I'll keep thinking she's a conceded whore.

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#MatteBlackNails #AllCartierWrist

Good Morning - Kim Kardashian: Official website

Kim Kardashian in the silver Gardinia Gown by Johanna Johnson

  • Kelly Brown
    Kelly Brown

    awesome dress

  • 👑💖Ritz Alvarez💖👑
    👑💖Ritz Alvarez💖👑

    My absolute dream would be to meet you!!! Hopefully one day u'l make my dream come true (:..i think you'l be a great mom!

Chic airport look

  • Jessica Casatelli
    Jessica Casatelli

    where is that shirt from!?

  • Suzanne Aubry-Lasry
    Suzanne Aubry-Lasry

    Leather leggings/pants rock!!!


  • Kelly Brown
    Kelly Brown

    why are you not dressing like this anymore? I LOVE THIS have you seen Wanelo? Its like pinterest except if we click the pic we can BUY what you post! I would love to see you on there

  • Wendy Benitez-Llamas
    Wendy Benitez-Llamas

    I wish I would look this great in these

  • Catherine Iliareizis
    Catherine Iliareizis

    Love the boots

Im so lucky! The Don strikes again!!!

The Don Strikes Again!!!
  • Gail hill
    Gail hill

    One looks painful

Stephane Rolland Show Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week: What an Amazing Stephane Rolland Show!!!!
  • Kassidy McIntyre
    Kassidy McIntyre

    I love you Kim ♥

Gorgeous green

Fashion Friday: Emerald
  • Gisselle Ruiz
    Gisselle Ruiz

    Super cute

Emerald YSL

Fashion Friday: Emerald

I just wanna chill in my sweats all day...

I Just Wanna Chill in My Sweats all Day!
  • Emily M
    Emily M

    What mind of

  • Emily M
    Emily M

    What kind of exercise do you do Kim ?? I have tW exact same body type as you

  • Gisselle Ruiz
    Gisselle Ruiz

    I wish I had your body!

  • Katie

    Kim yur sooooo pretty and amazing ! Omgg could u follow me?! It would like mean the world!!♥

  • Natasha Trujillo
    Natasha Trujillo

    Your booty ..... I want it !

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Best birthday ever! I'm wearing Dolce & Gabbana dress.

Best Birthday Ever!!
  • Jessie G
    Jessie G

    Kimmy you and kanye are perfecto! so happy for you! xx

  • Karissa Gutierrez
    Karissa Gutierrez

    Congrats to the happy couple!! Your baby will be beautiful :)

  • Claudia Volpe
    Claudia Volpe

    My fav people , so adorable.

  • ~Blondee~


  • Julia Elder
    Julia Elder

    Love how accepting you are Kim! I date a half black and half Asian man named RJ. He's perf. Although, we struggle with racism in the small South Carolina town we live in. I just adore your attitude about it. :)

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I admit... this was a fashion faux pas

  • Trish Young
    Trish Young


  • Monica Gatens
    Monica Gatens

    definitely disgusting

  • 

    Why the hell would you comment on something without reading the caption and on top of that comment being hateful. Get over yourselves . You all sound like bitter hating ass bitches lol. Who cares Kim your human and perfection isn't possible.

  • Melania Desireé del Sastre
    Melania Desireé del Sastre


  • Melania Desireé del Sastre
    Melania Desireé del Sastre

    Here in argentina itis said so many thins about khloe marrige. I just hopet everything is ok

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Tom Ford.

Large Kidskin Natalia Bag
  • Sara Mather
    Sara Mather

    This is super cute Kim! I just love following your pins...Thank you for being you :)

  • Tanyesha

    wow...I love it. and it's so you Kim

go faux!

sexy elegance.

Native Fox: October 2012
  • Ale Sánchez
    Ale Sánchez

    I love it!!!!!!!!

  • Robyn Dawson
    Robyn Dawson

    IF you had her body!!

  • Susie K
    Susie K

    Kim's body is much better;)

  • Poppy Perez
    Poppy Perez

    Febe Pérez

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Isabel Marant top, Celine skirt, Jimmy Choo booties, Louis Vuitton cuff and Rick Owens sunglasses!

Kim Kardashian's Miami Style
  • Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams

    If only I could walk in those sexy heels

  • Julie Briones
    Julie Briones

    Love the outfit!

  • Dana

    Lové your new style❤️

  • Sylvana Skaff
    Sylvana Skaff

    Beautiful! Since comments haven't blown up on pinterest yet, like they do for you everywhere else... Do you plan on answering?

  • Ashley Freeman
    Ashley Freeman

    Skirt love.

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Valentino's spring 2013 collection

  • kelsi mckechnie
    kelsi mckechnie

    i love this clutch! :)

  • Adair Barecich
    Adair Barecich

    I adore this!!!

Myne dress, one of my favorites

Kim Kardashian's Miami Style - Celebuzz
  • Sofia Garibay
    Sofia Garibay

    Who is that little girl?

  • Natalie Wilby
    Natalie Wilby

    Gorgeous kim! Comment me if u have time, would make my day LOL :) xx hope ur well

  • Brenda Stringham
    Brenda Stringham

    The description on the site says that she is walking with her nephew mason.

  • Evelyn Champagne
    Evelyn Champagne

    That looks like Larsa and Scottie Pippens daughter

  • Jadyn K
    Jadyn K

    Evelyn Chairez it is!!!!

Belle Noel necklace

  • ♡ Sherri Ross
    ♡ Sherri Ross

    sooo pretty please look at my jewelry and hair pieces under spcreationz on my boards. It would mean the world to me!

  • Lea Lensing
    Lea Lensing


  • Robyn Dawson
    Robyn Dawson

    time for a breast reduction. The boobs are overtaking your entire small stature..

  • Lauren💜 Rivera💋💄
    Lauren💜 Rivera💋💄


  • Julie Ray
    Julie Ray

    Love this outfit!

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Eternally youthful, I love her.

Kate Moss in Fashion's New Looks
  • Danielle Henriquez
    Danielle Henriquez

    She's gorgeous like you :)

White pumps

Fashion Friday: White Pumps