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Gorgeous Nails

Gorgeous Nails

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  • Neesha Ghedia
    Neesha Ghedia

    wow this is amazing!

  • Doris

    That looks a ratchet mess!!!!

Nails right now

  • Patrice Johnson
    Patrice Johnson

    Matte finish! Yesss!

  • T. R. Banks
    T. R. Banks

  • nidizzle


Gorgeous fall nails! Click for all of my faves

Midweek Makeup: Fall Nails
  • Pamela Gablenz
    Pamela Gablenz

    So trying some of this...@

Perfect Fall Nails.

  • Angie Ewah
    Angie Ewah

    so cute!! :)

  • Tanyesha

    totally love it

  • Julie Ray
    Julie Ray

    I am learning some new ways to wear polish and this is TOO cool!

  • Sadie Medina
    Sadie Medina

    Looks like jamberry nail wraps.

Fall nails!

  • Erica West
    Erica West

    Awesome look!

  • Julie Ray
    Julie Ray

    Dip the end of a straw in polish (not all the way around the end) to achieve the Chanel logo on your nails. Cool effect!

  • Susie K
    Susie K


  • nidizzle


Layer 2 - from the Kardashian Kollection from Nicole of OPI

  • Shantel Kinsey
    Shantel Kinsey

    love it! got it today :)

  • Andrea Johnson
    Andrea Johnson

    I still die that Kim pinned my very own manicure!!!!! Love!!!

  • Chelsea Boyd
    Chelsea Boyd


  • Eden Leins
    Eden Leins

    ♥ the nails

Miami nails!

  • Karen Devlin
    Karen Devlin

    follow me i think u'll love my pins;) xo

  • Avery Brooke Thompson
    Avery Brooke Thompson

    Follow Me

  • Emeline Daveau
    Emeline Daveau

    French reference make up/nails

  • Rosie Rose
    Rosie Rose

    yep yep follow my nails board :)

  • London Hayes
    London Hayes

    Follow me!!!!

Studs & leopard print!

  • Shαunα Kelly
    Shαunα Kelly

    Love this!! :)

  • Heather Gunn
    Heather Gunn

    So cool! Love them

  • Rosie Rose
    Rosie Rose


  • Elif Gerola
    Elif Gerola

    love it!

  • Morgan P
    Morgan P

    Yes maam!

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Revlon Top Speed polish in #405 - Peachy with Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor in Rainbows in the S-Kylie on the ring finger.

  • Angela Cuevas-Garcia
    Angela Cuevas-Garcia

    Is the shine an added effect or really from the glare of the camera? If its the real shine, it's beautiful!

  • Karolinka
    Karolinka Kimmy look at this one, how GLAM!

  • Connie Shephard
    Connie Shephard

    I like the lips one great idea who would have thought

  • Lauren Anderson
    Lauren Anderson

    Love this

Mint and multicolor sparkle. Nicole by OPI kardashian kolor "rainbow in the sky-lie"

  • Katie Keough
    Katie Keough

    i love it!!!

  • Guillermina Spinelli
    Guillermina Spinelli

    Very Nice!!! I want to try it!

  • Katherine B
    Katherine B

    my nails hahah thanks Kim!

Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor – Our Fuchsia's Lookin' Bright (Fuchsia/Magenta/Hot Pink nail polish)

Manicure Mondays – Nicole by OPI & Kardashian Kolor | Fab Fatale
  • Rocio Estrada
    Rocio Estrada

    loove a pink polish

  • Mlsα Aguero
    Mlsα Aguero

    I like this Color ! :0

  • Erica West
    Erica West

    love this, have it and looks great! love me some pink!

Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor 2486

  • Joan Stephanie Cruea
    Joan Stephanie Cruea

    Are these at Sears?

  • Vanessa Vandermeer
    Vanessa Vandermeer

    Where can i purchase these? :)

  • Julie Ray
    Julie Ray

    I have this!!! Totally awesome!

  • Lilibeth V
    Lilibeth V


Kardashian Kolor by OPI new @jesuisfemme

Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor – Paparazzi Don’t Preach

Manicure Mondays – Nicole by OPI & Kardashian Kolor | Fab Fatale
  • Pao Casasbuenas
    Pao Casasbuenas

    Es tan Kardashian!

  • Karen Devlin
    Karen Devlin

    love this nude color!! follow me i think u'll love my hair n make up board:)


7 Ways to Wear Leopard Print
  • Shell Halley
    Shell Halley

    Oh I need to try this !

  • Deidra Snyder
    Deidra Snyder

    this is really cute!

  • Julie Ray
    Julie Ray

    Just learned how to do this; way cool!

Khloe had a little lam-lam

Kardashian Kolors are Coming!
  • Whitney Pemrick
    Whitney Pemrick

    I actually took a very similar picture! This is one of my favorite colors!! ♥ Khloe

  • Jacky Castellanos
    Jacky Castellanos

    My fave color along with a Kourtney one

  • Julie Ray
    Julie Ray

    Awww, love!

  • Yolanda Schuurmans
    Yolanda Schuurmans

    One of my absolut

  • Yolanda Schuurmans
    Yolanda Schuurmans

    One of my absurd favorite colours. I live in Australia so if I paying for shipping its for this one and Kourtney is ready for a pedi which seems to be your girls favorites too. I live all the colours so much definitely one of the best business adventures you girls have made!

Like mother like daughter! Nicole by OPI color ’smile for the glam-era!’

Like Mother Like Daughter...
  • Alicia Garcia Arroyo
    Alicia Garcia Arroyo

    :) thank you

  • Rebecca Renee Christopherson
    Rebecca Renee Christopherson

    :* xoxo

  • Alicia Garcia Arroyo
    Alicia Garcia Arroyo

    :..) miss you big head Lil girr

  • Rebecca Renee Christopherson
    Rebecca Renee Christopherson

    Miss u too mom, I love you say your prayers.

  • Alicia Garcia Arroyo
    Alicia Garcia Arroyo

    Okay:) you to mija

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Wearing our OPI kolor 'Red-y for a pedi"

  • Melissa Albrechtsen
    Melissa Albrechtsen

    I love your look :) so pretty

  • charlie moore
    charlie moore

    love you kimmy!!! your sooooo beautiful! follow ,my pinterest I think you'll love my boards :D #soulsisters

  • kelsi mckechnie
    kelsi mckechnie

    You look gorgeous! Love you kim

  • Kiara Reyes
    Kiara Reyes


  • leksi smyer
    leksi smyer

    Kim I am a HUGE fan!! I meet u last summer in Las Vegas while I was at your store!!!please follow me

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So cute!

  • emily gabriel
    emily gabriel

    I'm for sure going to try this!! I love you kimm!!xxxxxxxx

  • Brunilde Costantino
    Brunilde Costantino

    St.Valentines nails

  • CC<3


  • LOL, DAMN !
    LOL, DAMN !


  • Spaceships and Laser Beams
    Spaceships and Laser Beams


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