Kim Foster Kempton
Kim Foster Kempton
Kim Foster Kempton

Kim Foster Kempton Always be a part of the ‘Construction Team’ rather than the ‘Wrecking Crew’—especially at home with those most dear to you! Reach out in kindness to those around you, remembering to lead with love and by example, genuinely helping to build others up rather than tearing them down.

A great spouse loves you exactly as you are. An extraordinary spouse helps you grow; inspires you to do, be and give your very best.” -Fawn Weaver

Dragonfly story - love this story. Life after Death. Why I want a Dragonfly tattoo

Dear Self, I am working on being a better person

Party ready? We think so! The refrigerator is cleverly concealed behind a cabinetry panel, and a dual-zone wine storage cabinet offers space for up to 46 bottles. #HGTVUrbanOasis

I'm thinking everyone needs one of these nooks....sound proof, hidden and with a lock on the inside...just so we can slip away every now and then

Plastic plates work perfectly as mini dry erase boards! (I never realized this . . .) Handy for so many reading and math lessons!