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cosmeticevolution: Fierce.

I like how this person used her natural eyebrows as apart of her bird makeup application. Even though birds don't have eyebrows, she uses the eyebrow hair to add a feathery texture to her application.

I have some white mascara and eyeshadow we can use to create this powdery effect on the bottom lashes ^^

Makeup Ideas: Moon, Stars, Holy Mary, Florals and Mermaids Makeup Ideas & Inspiration Secondary images - ‘I’m not daring enough but this is beautiful! Lashings of white mascara = Ice Queen (not to.

Natalie Dormer - @~Mlle

These days I occupy myself with frivolities. I serve the goddess of beauty, hoping she may grant me gifts. I work for dazzling skin, vibrant hair, good health.Halloween make-up for a burlesque costume