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the content is talking about hide and got inspired, the color scheme is also referring the idea of inspiration

check out this round up of 9 amazing diy wall hangings. Your wall will never be boring again.

Hope everyone is ready for the long weekend! Any fun plans? I will be hanging with family and most… The post 9 AMAZING DIY WALL HANGINGS appeared first on Tell Love and Chocolate.

Lute pendant - EBB & FLOW

New for 2016 trend 'Mixed Materials' see's glass and metal lights a great look for homes and business.

A pattern inspired by the late Elsworth Kelly.

조명의 그림자를 이용해 재미이쓴 상황을 연출했다. 단순히 조명을 비추는 것이 아니라 조명에 물고기 모양을 덧대서 마치 조명위에 물고기가 헤엄치는…

shadow created by a lamp. Could possible be programmed in a way that the object changes over time. what a neat idea. shadow + light are sculpture, too.


These gorgeous nature-filled watercolor groupings are the work of American artist Michelle Morin.