Kimberly Rodriguez

Kimberly Rodriguez

Kimberly Rodriguez
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ezra or toby?  Click here to vote @

ezra or toby? Click here to vote @

Harry's face... :) Hahahahaha I love this!

Lol the face harry made!---outa my kitchen!<<< Lol poor Niall I think he's scared<< This is perfection at it's best hahaha love you Niall whether you can cook or not

Me to Harry me too......

lmao sorry but that's a lie bc that picture is from when james corden was talk to them and he asked harry which woman he was gonna move to

Harry looks so done

I would be hanging onto him like the whole time staring into his big green eyes. I don't get how all the girls that met them were so calm. I'd be on the floor crying and screaming!