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Kimberly Custer
Kimberly Custer
Kimberly Custer

Kimberly Custer

Daddys girl. This would be so cute on canvas to give your dad the day of your wedding!

There is more than "meats" the eye when it comes to SPAM. From the museum to Hawaiian cuisine, there is a lot to know about this canned precooked meat.

  • Judy Berry

    I used to like SPAM....Now after reading some of these post I won't be able to eat it anymore...made my stomach flip flop...No MO Spam for me...Nope not even a nibble..Thanks a lot you guys.....

  • Nikki Ponce

    My gosh...this has turned into a mini facebook where everyone puts in their negative thoughts...DELETE BUTTON!!!

  • Snagga Unrest

    HHhmmmm time to buy a case of Spam!!!!!

  • Donna Turco-Hill

    I actually like Spam!! It has gotten a bad rap

  • Pamela Flannery Stevens

    This stuff is so hideous! My sister and I still gag when we see it on the shelf in the grocery isle. We were forced to eat it when were kids because it was cheap.

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Measuring cups that look like playful giraffes add a bit of whimsey to the kitchen.

Confession #545: I am scared not only for your deployment but for you to see how petrified about it I am. All I want to do is be strong for you like you are for our Country.

  • Rosalie <<33

    Someone NEEDS to make this happen!!

  • Katyperry Fan

    Like someone should make a photobomb app and like you go on there and post ur pics with photobomb a

This may say Teenager Post....but this is true for me too! And I haven't been a teenager in a LONG time!

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"