Signature necklace. Your own, or wear your loved one's signature

Custom Signature Necklaces by Brevity. They will make your signature into a silver necklace. Such a wonderful idea, especially if you have a beautiful signature! I'm going to do this when I get my favorite bands autograph.

Your child's handwriting.

Message Ring: Mothers Day Jewelry ~ You can't keep your kids little forever, but with this bracelet, you can always remember their cute handwriting. It's kind of a splurge, but totally worth it since you can send in whatever sweet message you'd like.

very first day and very last day of school.  Must remember this!!

First day and last day of school photos.take 1 on KINDERGARTEN day and then last day of high school or even graduation day! Must remember this!

Miss this show!

The Cosby Show is still funny. Great line from Bill Cosby. If I had rich parents, this definitely is the kind of thing my mother would have said to me.

EASY!  Made from an empty Wisk detergent bottle

DIY Cozy Coupe Gas Can

DIY Cozy Coupe Gas Can . Use an empty Wisk bottle to make this cute accessory for your kid's bike, car, or cozy coupe. Tutorial via

Toddler Food Ideas. Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks. Free Printable list. (Developing a healthy attitude towards food starts young. Providing as much variety as you can is a good start.. here's a list of ideas for you)

Toddler Food Ideas. Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks

Learn with Play at home: Toddler Food Ideas. Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks Hey there, I don't know what all this involves but I thought of you when I saw it. I hope it's healthy things because I didn't read it all.

Photograph your child's artwork and the app will tag it with their name & grade. When you have enough pix turn it into a book or other items.

App: Artkive App allows you to take pictures of your kids art work, categorize by kid & date and turn into a book!

46 Awesome String Light DIYs For Any Occasion

46 Awesome String-Light DIYs For Any Occasion

46 Awesome String-Light DIYs For Any Occasion You don’t have to put those string lights away after the holidays. There are so many elegant ways to incorporate string lights into your home decor.

80's clothes

People from the 80s…

How People Dressed In The Vs. How College Girls Think People Dressed In The Breakfast Club!