Clean Up My House

Clean Up My House

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Closet Organization Tips that will make your life easier! #cleaning

The 36th AVENUE | Top 10 Closet Organization Ideas

Use velcro to secure a Power Strip to the leg of desk / table to keep cords off the floor or in a tangled mess at your feet - very clever!

Organizing Made Fun: 31 Days of Organizing Fun: Day #29 -- Velcro

Refrigerator cleaning & organizing - expand your refrigerator space with a cupboard plate organizer.

Refrigerator cleaning and organizing | Unclutterer

7 Ingredients That Can Clean (Almost) Anything — love that these are all natural!

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The Creek Line House: The Easiest Trick for Cleaning Greasy Kitchen Messes that Your Granny Never Told You About

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??? Really ??? Punch a hole in the top of a bottle of vinegar and sit the bottle in your toilet tank. In doing this you will save water, as the tank wont fill as much, the vinegar will clean your toilet AND tank on each flush, it leaves the bathroom smelling fresh and it doesn't harm any component of your toilet OR the environment when flushed. And won't hurt the dogs when they drink out of the toilet like the blue stuff does.

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Amazed with this Homemade (no scrub) Jewelry Cleaner! ♥ Only thing that's worked on my most tarnished silver. ♥ Pin now, clean later. (details on )

{DIY} Homemade Jewelry Cleaner (No Scrubbing!) | Pretty Gossip

Place a cotton ball in your melted wax and watch it get absorb before your eyes. after its absorbed throw away. Easy way to switch scents. Huh! No more trying to pour it out.

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Hydrogen Peroxide is like Magic! seriously you must check this out!~

Hydrogen Peroxide Magic! - One Good Thing by Jillee

Woolite Foam Carpet Cleaner - Sprays out in foam stream so you can spray right on grout line. Let set several minutes, brush, wipe away. Easiest way ever to clean gross grout!

Woolite Foam Carpet Cleaner - Sprays out in foam stream so you can spray right on grout line. Let set several minutes, brush, wipe away. Easiest way ever to clean gross grout! - Decor It Darling

Diffuse 4 drops lemon, peppermint & lavender twice a day to help with allergies | Play 2 Learn with Sarah

Daily Uses for Essential Oils - Play 2 Learn with Sarah

12 Tips for a Super Organized Linen Closet (or any closet really)

Organize This: Linen Closet!

That's over six years (probably a lot more) of dirt, gunk, and grime that came off! Amazing! How to Clean Your Sidewalk

How to Clean a Sidewalk

Over 24 Amazing Ways to use Toothpaste | How Does She

Baby Oil and Vinegar: Clean and Polish Vinyl and Linoleum Floors How to do it: Do you have stained floors from years of kids and cooking? Mix one cup vinegar with a few drops of baby oil in a gallon of warm water to prepare a cleaning solution for vinyl and linoleum floors. When used sparingly, this mixture can work wonders.

Tips to Nix Stains with Pantry Staples

Tension Rod Uses - Turn your kitchen into a charming “outdoor cafe” by adding this simple “awning.” Simply drape your tired old valance over a second tension rod to give it a whole new look!

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Hanging shoe organizers have many uses, and holding paper towel rolls is a brilliant one.

51 Game-Changing Storage Solutions That Will Expand Your Horizons

Bathroom Organization: Get organized with this DIY Magnetic Medicine Cabinet!

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Easy Trick for Organizing your Medicine Cabinet! ~ at

Tips for Organizing your Medicine Cabinet in DIY, Organizing

150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home - Page 7 of 150 - DIY & Crafts

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Really good tutorial -- How To Paint Furniture | Old World Chippy Distressed Paint Finish | Ana White - Homemaker

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two black rubber door mats nailed on sides of a table! Outdoor furniture!

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Take out the rod and put in Hooks. This way the coats will get hung up.

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Tame those kitchen papers with a hidden kitchen cupboard organizer.

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