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Poor, sweet, and now friendless Jake.

Hilarious story of a student who has the urge to fart in math class. He decided to drop the textbook at the same time, but the plan failed.

But really I was quoting Wizards of Waverly Place. - like quoting random speeches from Who haha

Whoa, calm down there…

lol comment what you would do.^*^ I'd go to a bookstore and read until those 12 hours were over, then steal what I didn't read and run home


I'm doing this some day only with Irish accent hahha <<< I have British genes, but my parents don't. So I'm stuck with this sarcastic British accent and a deep voice coming from a kid that's a foot shorter than you.


When I was young, I used to watch two drops of rain roll down window and pretending it was a race, I seriously thought that no one else did this! Maybe I wasn't such a weird child. I would do this in the car all the time!

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be a man // (you must be swift as a coursing river. Be a man! Sorry) I shall remember to digest the butterflies when i do this