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RockMy VeganSocks
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Bite-sized thoughts: Banana, carrot and sultana mini muffins {vegan, no added sugar + non fat}

I was hesitant to put 'fat free' and 'sugar free' in the title of this post, because those labels may conjure up images of bland, flavourles.

Coconut Rice with Saffron and Star Anise - The Hungry Mountaineer

Once you have had authentic coconut rice in India it is impossible to go back to plain white rice. Try the fresh coconut version;

Work It Out: How to Promote a Healthy Office

Health and productivity benefits result from using standing desks, adjustable height workstations and treadmill desks for a healthy office.

Green Gourmet Giraffe: Cauliflower lentil loaf

This cauliflower lentil loaf tastes meaty but not heavy. Healthy with lots of vegetables and protein, it is also vegan and gluten free.

Ready in 20 mins, vegan som tam is a simple, delicious Thai salad made with crunchy vegetables dressed in a fresh and zingy hot, sour, salty, sweet sauce. |

The weather is very changeable and this month& No Croutons Required echos this with wintry soups to fill you up and springs salads to brighten up the dinner table. All the recipes are vegetarian or vegan.

Banana Chocolate Chip Chickpea Muffins (Gluten Free/ Grain Free/ Vegan/ Dairy Free/ Nut Free) | SANDI\'S ALLERGY FREE RECIPES

Spring is finally here, by the calendar anyway. Unfortunately it may not be by the weather…. I am trying to be very optimistic that spring will be arriving sooner than …